Anita K. Boyle

Studio No. 10

5581 Noon Road

Bellingham, WA 98226


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Medium Mixed Media


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I am inspired by the environment that makes up the Pacific Northwest. The art I create —paper, assemblages, books, drawings, paintings, even poetry — makes use of the local landscape in some way. The handmade paper, for example, combines paper scraps with natural fibers and dyes made from local plants. The books and assemblages I make use the handmade paper, as well as re-purposed elements that we use in our daily lives, such as electrical parts and rusted bolts, leather jackets and objects found in the middle of the road. Every day, a look out the window of the studio motivates and influences my work, whether rainy, sunny, snowy, filled with the darknesses of winter or the green light of spring. The frogs right this minute are calling to each other. The grasses across the fields have a mist rising from them that sparkles like tiny stars.

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