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Anita K. Boyle

Studio No. 25

5581 Noon Road

Bellingham, WA 98226


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Medium Mixed Media




My work as an artist begins with a strong sense of place—this place. Every day, I am inspired

by the area I live on Noon Road, and by the culture and natural world Whatcom County. I

make paper, assemblages, books, drawings and paintings. Everything I make either

physically uses some of the local landscape, or is about it in some way. The handmade paper

incorporates fibers and dyes found in local plants. The books and assemblages use the

handmade paper, and go further by putting the natural world, and the things we have used

in our lives, as part of their creation. In this way, my work is focussed on an perceptive

documentation of who we are and where we live. I am a lifelong resident of Northwest