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Courtney Denise Lipson

Courtney Denise Lipson

Studio No. 14

Northwest Drive

5485 Northwest Drive, Bellingham, WA 98226, USA

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Wheelchair Accessible:


In 2003 I began to create micro-mosaic sculptures, wall art, functional objects, and jewelry, here in Whatcom County. There is wisdom to uncover as we explore our environment, I use my art as a catalyst for discovery. My techniques mimic the feathers of a bird, amplify a stone, create an impression of pattern, texture and colors; inviting you to take a closer look. In one micro-mosaic you may be intrigued by a red dot in a sea of blue, leading you to spot a cluster of copper in an azurite stone you may have overlooked. In landscape jasper, a vein of black dots through my lens becomes a line of trees and shrubs, transporting you to a minuscule desert. My studio is located behind our home with a large gravel driveway for cars to turn around and park.

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