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Echo Chernik

Echo Chernik

Studio No. 42

Harris Avenue

1200 Harris Ave ste 309, Bellingham, WA 98225, USA

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425 786 7712





Wheelchair Accessible:


Echo Chernik is an award winning art nouveau illustrator and painter. Her permanent gallery is located at 1200 Harris Ave on the third floor, in Fairhaven, WA.

Echo is a master of the female form. Her body of work consists of oils, pen and ink, and digital pieces in a blend of art nouveau and neoclassical styles. She also has a large body of futuristic cyberpunk work created for the roleplaying game Shadowrun.

Born in Connecticut, Echo graduated from Pratt Institute summa cum laude, and went on to have a thirty-year career as an advertising illustrator. She is now focusing more on her personal works as well as encouraging her teen children who both are on path to being professional artists. Echo also loves cats.

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