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Lar Wylde

Lar Wylde

Studio No. 19

Franklin St

2020 Franklin St #210, Bellingham, WA 98225, USA

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Wheelchair Accessible:


I have been creating art through pastels and vibrant colors for the past 6 years. I call myself an intuitive artist because I rarely plan what I'm going to create. It just comes out. My art is an expression of my feelings. We all have a myriad of feelings, we keep to ourselves. Often these are the ones labeled negative. It can be unhealthy to keep those stuffed inside. A lot of my work expresses these feelings. In this expression I have had a lot of healing and have come to realize that no feelings are wrong.

We need to acknowledge our feelings. Whether they are fleeting or
long-lasting, they have messages for us. Listen, learn, and make changes! Sometimes feelings shout and sometimes they whisper.

​My hope is that when people view my art, they will see what needs to be heard within themselves. Perhaps then, there will be a release of pent up emotions and  in that release, there will be freedom to create something new. Profit from all sales go into a fund for those unable to afford quality counseling.

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