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RoseAnne Featherston

RoseAnne Featherston

Studio No. 16

Goodwin Road

7105 Goodwin Road, Everson, WA 98247, USA

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Mixed Media



Wheelchair Accessible:


I am passionate about contemporary art. The eclectic nature of my experiences, interests and skills is reflected in my artwork. Whether exploring Motion through Photography, three dimensionally, pairing Bark with Shou Sugi Ban treated wood, or using books as a primary element, I strive to follow what interests and challenges me.

For example: Sculptural Photographs —  I work to employ the camera to record how we actually take in information. I’m interested in how we perceive the world, as we move through it. I am using a camera, an “unbiased” tool set on a slow shutter speed, to capture action. And I am moving as I photograph. These works are printed on canvas and then mounted on metal or wood. They arch or project off the wall in various angles. Some of this imagery is distorted and out of focus, while other parts capture vivid details of frozen movement. While these works are purely representational, many wander deeply into the realm of abstraction.

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