Clark Champion

Studio No. 11

71 Lake Louise Drive, Gate 2

Bellingham, WA 98229

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Pandemic Notes: Visitors by appointment. Please wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Medium Woodworking


Demo Yes


Wheelchair Accessible — Yes 


Wood Turning

I seldom have a sense of what the final shape will be when I begin turning a chunk of wood.  


I love the natural (and sometimes unnatural) inclusions in a piece of wood and strive to highlight them in my bowls, rather than eliminate them. These inclusions might include unusual folds of bark, voids or hollow pockets, nails, and barbed wire, as well as swirling grain patterns, all of which I see as significant parts of the emerging character of each bowl.

Custom Furniture

Perhaps the same material, but radically different processes.

It’s about designing structural relationships between pieces of wood to suit man’s need for function, while displaying the unique character and natural beauty of the wood itself.  In the design phase of my furniture, I try to conceal a special hiding place.