Cooper Lanza

Studio No. 27  

Tillie Lace Gallery and
School of Fine Art

1415 13th St
Bellingham 98225


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Medium Painting
Oil Painting Expressive Figurative


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I have always been intrigued by the untold story in a painting, the story stories that leave the viewer with unanswered questions. My paintings attempt to capture the surreal feeling of being and doing, the moments within moments when the ego is no longer present and the action takes over. You can never know the full story. My images are taken from scenes I come across.  Gesture, posture, brushwork, and color are of huge interest to me. I like to paint large-scale stylized works that are expressive, painterly and muted. I often blend the figure into the patterns of the surroundings, immersing them into the wallpaper, which becomes a part of their clothing or the figure dissolves into the background.  These elements tell a story, but leave the viewer to question what more is happening. Attention is given to creating this feeling of the unknown.