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2019 Tour Requirements
Please read all of these important instructions about the Studio Tour.


The Whatcom Artist Studio Tour is a free, self-guided tour occurring the first two weekends of October. The Studio Tour offers visitors insights into the creative process, work-life and work-environment of area artists and provides an opportunity for people to purchase original works directly from their makers.


Last year the tour featured over 40 artists, showing throughout Bellingham and Whatcom County. The tour is widely promoted in the Seattle to Vancouver BC corridor. The tour is cooperatively organized and run by the participants on a volunteer basis. In addition to the application fees, the tour obtains grant money and ad revenue from the brochure it publishes.


The promoters of the Whatcom Artist Studio Tour are making every effort to create a premier art experience for visitors, and a successful exhibiting and sales venue for artists in the Bellingham and Whatcom County areas.


Advertising and Promotion

Tour participants share in the benefits of group advertising including

  • Website (www.studiotour.net)

  • A professionally designed brochure and map

  • Directional signs Printed promotional material

  • Social Media including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter availability

  • Coordinated press releases to area media Advertisements in periodical publications throughout Whatcom County, the Puget Sound area, and lower British Columbia.


For 2020, we plan to sponsor additional pre-tour group exhibitions at locations in Whatcom County.


Requirements for Acceptance


Standards of Work

All work submitted for jury and sold during WAST must be original works in its execution and design handcrafted by the applicant. Works that have been produced with commercial kits or prefabricated forms are not acceptable unless the end product was accepted in 2019. No more than 40% of works displayed may be sideline reproductions of originals.


Jury Process

The 2020 Tour is open to participating 2019 artists only. There will be no new artists in 2020. The tour will open to new artists in 2021.


Tour Participation


  • The tour is for YOU and the cooperative effort from all the artists that participate each year has made this event a premier venue for Whatcom County artists. However, the tour doesn’t happen without your support. Every artist is required to contribute time doing a task or being on a committee. No exceptions.


  • Tasks will be clearly defined and most require no more than a couple of hours. A sign-up sheet at the first meeting will outline the tasks and estimated time required.


  • Each participating artist must fill out and turn in to WAST a volunteer time log and an evaluation/Tour Statistics Form at the end of the Tour (forms provided prior to the tour).


  • All artists must submit separate applications and fees, unless artists are applying as a team representing work that is collaboratively created. Cooperative artist studios must submit individual applications.


  • All artists are responsible for collecting and paying taxes to the appropriate city, county, and/or state tax agencies.


  • The Whatcom Artist Studio Tour does not provide any insurance. It is the responsibility of the artist to carry the appropriate insurance.


  • Artists’ studios must be open all days and hours of the tour. Artists must be present in their respective studios during the Tour barring extraordinary circumstances.


  • Artists must live in Whatcom County. WAST strongly encourages each artist to provide demonstrations and/or visual representation of their artistic processes to the public.


  • The studio space must be suitable to show work.


  • The studio must be large enough to accommodate tour visitors and to offer them parking space.


  • The studio must be located within Whatcom County.


  • During the tour days and hours, the studio must sell only work by participating tour artists who have juried, been accepted and paid the WAST application and studio fee.


  • Studios must include an actual art production area for each artist.


  • Studios that provide education or instruction as a regular course of business may display but not sell student work during the show (unless the student is a paying WAST artist participant).


Studio Tour Participation Fees


The tour fee remains the same as last year at $250. We strive to keep it as low as possible and it is directly affected by the number of artists that volunteer to help with the various tasks required to make the tour happen. If you choose to opt out of volunteering your fee is $450. These fees are per artist not per studio. Fees are due no later than May 1st, 2019

All fees may be paid by check, Credit Card or deposited into the WAST account at WECU (Whatcom Educational Credit Union. If you elect to use a Credit Card the cost of credit card processing will be added. You will be shown this cost before submitting your payment.



Mail checks to

Whatcom Artist Studio Tour

PO Box 5921

Bellingham, WA 98227



The fee includes


A website listing for each artist that includes five color photographs of work, a tag line, a studio, and an email address and a personal website link.


Placement in the tour brochure that includes a color photograph of work, name of artist and/or studio, media of work and contact information (name, address, phone & email) and a location on the map in the tour brochure.


Participation in pre-tour group shows.


Important Upcoming Dates

To be announced


General Meetings

To be announced


General Meeting Dates

To be announced


Studio Tour dates TBA



Our Mission

The mission of
the Whatcom Artist Studio Tour organization is to produce events that arouse appreciation for our art and craft, provide a high quality sales venue and education while fostering a collaborative arts community among its participants for the benefit of Whatcom County communities.

Thank You and Welcome to our 26th Annual Whatcom Studio Artists Tour!


If you have questions or need additional information info@studiotour.net

Our Mission