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Our Sponsors

The Whatcom Artist Studio Tour is grateful to its sponsors — without you we couldn't continue to bring artists and patrons together to share their stories and creative process. We hope that our visitors will support our sponsors as they continue to support the Tour.


If you would like to become an advertiser or sponsor for 2024, please contact Ron Pattern at his e-mail here

He will send you an Insertion Order and answer questions. You an also download an Insertion Order here.


If you are not interested in advertising, but still want to support the studio tour and local artists, you can make a donation to our organization. The donation will be used to cover our operating expenses. Every year, the studio tour connects art enthusiasts with local artists, fostering better connections between them. The operating funds are utilized to create a four-color catalog/map featuring participating artists, with a print run of around 7,000 to 7,500 brochures. Additionally, we create a website with artist pages and a map of locations that visitors can use to tour the studios. We also run an extensive social media campaign to promote the tour and encourage new and returning artists to participate. Contact us. We'd love to talk about your donation.

Jansen Art Center
Karen Theusen Designs ad
Dakota Art Stores
Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, WA
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Applewood Farm Studios, Bellingham, WA
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