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Hannah Natali

Studio No. 24

3155 Vining St

Bellingham, WA 98226

Contact me by visiting any of the links below



Pandemic Notes: TBD

Medium Painting


Demo Yes


Wheelchair Accessible — No 



Hannah Natali is a conduit of the divine feminine perspective, a

visionary artist with a gift for inspiring the unification of sacred

energy and organic life. Traditionally trained in techniques of oil

painting, glazing, and figure drawing, Hannah also explores magical

elements like gold leaf, collage, reclaimed materials and natural

artifacts in her work. Hannah’s work provides a unique glimpse into

the primordial wisdom that is timeless and universal. Drawing

inspiration from the plant and animal realms as well as the ancient

traditions of astrology, cosmology and the shamanic path, Hannah’s

art resonates on a subconscious level through colorful archetypal

imagery. She displays her work encapsulated within sacred altars,

creating temples, bringing each piece to life, and offering an

interactive viewing experience.

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