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John and Carrie Trax

Studio No. 9
(Link to map)

Zigzag Mountain Art

6045 Birkdale Lane
Everson, WA 98247


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Medium Woodworking

Demo Yes

Wheelchair Accessible — Yes


Zigzag Mountain Art is a small woodworking shop located in Everson, Washington. The shop is small with only myself and my wife doing all of the work. We both have a passion for wood, creating things and using the materials nature provides to make those things with. We also love working together on a daily basis. We never want to be a large company or a production shop. We love creating and building interesting and beautiful things, not

grinding out 100s of items that all look the same. Most items are a collaboration that begins with an idea and gets discussed at dinner or breakfast until it becomes reality. We currently make cutting boards, charcuterie boards, cheese boards and slicers, small furniture and other items for sale locally and on Etsy. Carrie also has a full line of hot pads with images from my photography on them.

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