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Kristen Ingman

Studio No. 26
(Link to map)

2711 Vining Street

Bellingham, WA 98226

Contact me by visiting any of the links below.



Pandemic Notes: Please wear a mask and practice social distancing. 


Medium Painting
Exploring nature and the trails of the Northwest and beyond


Demo No

Wheelchair Accessible — No 



The colors, forms, textures, and compositions I find in nature are my primary inspiration. Catch me on any trail, and there is a very good chance you would see me photographing the moment that light is sifting through the trees or reflecting off the water. I consider these moments an integral part of my creative process.  My best work reflects the immense peace, wonder and joy that I experience in the outdoors.

Much of my work is a series of watercolors, gouaches, and oil paintings that depict the many trails I’ve run in the Northwest and beyond.  This tour will be the first time I have shown work in my new studio!  I am excited to share my new creative space and work with this beloved community.


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