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Linda Stone

Studio No. 17

2227 Electric Ave.
Bellingham 98229


Contact me by visiting one of the links below



Pandemic Notes: Please wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Medium Clay


Demo Yes

Wheelchair Accessible — No


Working with clay allows me to play with color and texture in 3D and create functional art that enhances one’s daily life. Most of my work is created on a potter’s wheel and each line of work is named after a theme consistent in design and glaze:


  • Fernware is imprinted with layers of ferns like a carpet of ferns in the forest.

  • Beachware is imprinted with fishnet and rope then glazed the color and texture of beachglass.

  • Rhodieware designs are created using traditional Asian brushwork depicting the supernatural blooms of the Rhododendron and the influence of Asian arts and culture in our Northwest heritage.


Handmade and inspired by nature, upon reflection I realized that my pottery tells a story about my life and the connection I share with my environment.

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