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Michel Petersen

Studio No. 23

3310 McAlpine Rd.
Bellingham 98225


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Medium Clay




I create primarily for my own enjoyment and focus on beauty and craftsmanship first. I believe that in being true to myself and not a slave to an elusive Art Market I can create a body of work that will one day be

appreciated and inspire further creativity in others.


I have always worked in clay and have an advanced degree (MFA) in ceramics from California State University, Northridge.

I enjoy the enormous scope that ceramic material offers the creative artist and the dire discipline it exacts. Clay begins soft and pliable, but then it dry’s and becomes leather hard and can be carved like wood, after that it becomes compressed dust and is fired to unbelievably high temperatures before being coated in silica and oxides and fired again after which it can withstand any test of time…I repeat this process endlessly

without question.