Nancy Canyon

Studio No. 29

Morgan Block Studios
1000 Harris Ave.#6
Bellingham 98225

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Medium Painting

Acrylic Paintings on Canvas Reflections in Nature


Demo Yes


Wheelchair Accessible — No 

Nancy Canyon’s acrylic paintings depict natural elements witnessed on walks and hikes in the mountains, along rivers, beside the pond, and in the garden. She loves the mirrored shapes reflected on the water’s surface. “Reflected leaves, flowers, and clouds marble the surface, undulating and smoothing in mirrored graphic patterns. I’m particularly enchanted by the leaves and lily flowers at Scudder Pond. I peruse the pond on my daily walks, noting how the lilies change seasonally. An amazing violet color when new and crumpled yellow when old. And of late, I’ve been painting flowers unique to local gardens.” Nancy has an AOS in Commercial Art, a BA in Psychology, and holds the MFA in Creative Writing from PLU. She works at Morgan Block Studios and Galleries in Historic Fairhaven. More at

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