Nicki Lang

Studio No. 20

1000 Harris Ave., no 3
Morgan Block Studios
Bellingham 98226


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Pandemic Notes: Please wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Medium Painting

Demo Yes


Wheelchair Accessible — No 


After retiring from over a decade of creating with leather, Nicki Lang picked up the palette knife and hasn’t looked back. 


Nicki captures iconic northwest landscapes with bold strokes and a fresh eye. Her unique palette knife work brings sculptural depth to each piece. With a background in the natural sciences, Nicki’s attention to detail grounds her work in time and place.

When she is not painting, Nicki can be found writing, playing the banjo, or spending time outside with her husband, two boys and goofy dog, Lupinella. Nicki lives in a co-housing community in Bellingham, Washington.