Patrick Beggan

Studio No. 24

1215 Cornwall Ave., #101

Bellingham, WA 98225


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Medium Photography


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I see the world as a canvas of heart draped on a structure of mind. Emotion and intellect

work together to generate the reality we all experience. If you look closely at the world,

you can witness this duality in spaces that are unconsciously curated by the actions of

people going about their lives. There are spaces and moments where the emotional and

intellectual components become balanced in a scene, creating artistic opportunity. My

goal is to document these places. My tool is the camera but the process begins well

before I take the photo and continues well after. Through all parts of the process, right

up until the final physical print is put in the frame, I meditate on that emotional and

intellectual duality and try to communicate and enhance its presence in my work.


wheelchair access NO