Randy VanBeek

Studio No. 5

Van Beek Studios
5874 Mertz Rd
Bellingham 98226


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Medium Painting
Oils on linen, prints and hand enhanced prints on canvas.


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Randy has been a full time artist since 1980. His style ranges from traditional realism to impressionism. He is self taught but is influenced by his studies of the 19th century American, Dutch and Austrian masters. His work is represented and sold nation wide through galleries, shows and art museum auctions. His work has been featured in magazines, most recently Western Art and Architecture. Randy has received many awards but claims the most recent as an honorary member of the CM Russell Museum Artist, a select group of 25

acclaimed artist the most significant honor to date. "The CM Russell Museum has been the

cornerstone of my career as it puts my work in front of the national audience". "I look

forward to sharing my work with you here at the home studio".