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Renee Cheesman

Studio No. 35
(Link to map)

1200 Harris Ave, #402
Bellingham, WA 98226


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Pandemic Notes: Please wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Medium Painting


Demo Yes

Wheelchair Accessible — Yes


I am a conceptual artist exploring contemporary American culture

and life. I create a space through paintings, installations, and

sculptures to express, honor, or challenge aspects of our “American

experiment.” The projects come from research, observations,

media, and conversations about everyday life about myths,

traditions, cultural enigmas, obsessions, and reflections, creating a

visual narrative and relationship between material and people. Each

work is given the space to define itself by rejecting “traditional”

methods, materials, and notions of conventional art. By combining

or using materials that ordinarily have no relationship to one another

like, pouring paint and hanging it, I am forced to find a harmonious

dialog between material, form, idea, and the viewer that is

interesting or humorous.

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