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Rose Drummond

Studio No. 34
(Link to map)

1896 Yew St

Bellingham, WA 98226

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Pandemic Notes: TBD

Medium Painting

Demo Yes

Wheelchair Accessible — Yes 



Rose Unfolding (Drummond) resides in the Pacific Northwest where she listens deeply to the Living Land, and learns from it. Her work stems from the desire to seek comfort in the Earth, creating the guardians and guides she sees in the environment. Rose’s pieces speak to the cyclical principles of Birth, Death, Rebirth, and the idea of Breakdown as integral to the whole. Much of her work is created to enshrine moments of transition, trauma, and grief in physical objects as a touchstone for processing, be it for herself and others.

Her techniques with ink cross-hatching as shading atop many layers of watercolor make a conscious and time intensive effort to weave intention and meaning into her work.

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