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Shanni Welsh

Studio No. 18

Shanni Welsh Studios
1322 Sommerset Court
Bellingham 98226


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Medium Painting




I am a Bellingham, WA based artist and I have been creating art for more than two decades. I pull inspiration from the backdrop of my PNW home, and I integrate elements of line, texture and color in my work. My style has been defined as a whimsical, contemporary-folk blend. My paintings typically reveal images of creatures

from the sea and land within their natural environments.

My goal as an artist is to provoke connection, curiosity and value for the natural environments we all share. I

prefer acrylic paint on a wood surface to capture a more natural texture, and invite others to use touch when experiencing my work. I incorporate bold colors in my images as an offering to experience the vibration of

happiness and joy. Through the element of line, I strive to portray both the dynamic and humble qualities of the world we live in.