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Shirley Erickson

Studio No. 22
(Link to map)

Shirley Erickson Studio
1615 Texas Street
Bellingham 98229

Contact me by visiting any of the links below



Studio hours 10am–5pm

Medium Sculpture

Steel and glass sculpture, garden art, mixed media and paintings in a beautiful garden setting.


Demo No


Wheelchair Accessible — Yes 



I have been creating art since the late 1970s. My sculptures are metaphors for life. I’m enthralled with positive and negative, transparent and opaque, massive and delicate, reflective and dull, the balance between the sexes, nature and man, the physical and mental experience, effort and effect. I examine our perceptions of reality and explore the connotations of materials.


I am happiest when I am creating. Imagination is the answer. My work helps me to continue to ask the questions. My best work seems to come to me as fully formed ideas. Gifts in the middle of the night.

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