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Shirley Erickson

Studio No. 13

Shirley Erickson Studio
1615 Texas Street
Bellingham 98229


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Medium Sculpture

Steel and glass sculpture, garden art, mixed media and paintings in a beautiful garden setting.





My work celebrates oppositions with form and content. I’m enthralled with positive and negative, transparent

and opaque, massive and delicate, reflective and dull, the physical and mental experience, effort and effect. My sculptures and paintings are metaphors for life.


I examine our perceptions of reality and explore the connotations of materials. I recycle to make something beautiful from something discarded. The materials fit the meaning. Steel is perceived to be strong, but will rust and eventually return to the earth. Glass is supposedly fragile, it may break, but it doesn’t go away.


My art is an opened dialogue. Each sculpture or painting is a piece in a puzzle that is my life; my fantasies, desires, fears and revelations. Imagination is the answer. My work helps me continue to ask the questions.