Stewart Wurtz

Studio No. 17

2121 Humboldt St


Bellingham, WA 98225



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Pandemic Notes: Visitors by appointment. Please wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Medium Woodworking


Demo No


Wheelchair Accessible — Yes


Sketching is an indispensable part in my process. Often, I am inspired by a gesture or form in an early sketch that begins the dance of a new work. The challenge is to keep the freshness of this gesture alive while continuing to develop the piece. I find myself going back and forth between drawing and 3D mock up until I really understand the soul of this new object. The details and the structure develop through this exploration and usually don’t crystallize until I begin on the final work. 


Simple lines with spare detail are guiding principles. I look for an economy of form, a gesture, a balance that will be a comfort to the soul while offering a spark to catch the eye.  My work is meant to be utilitarian, and I’d be honored to think that it can be enjoyed today, tomorrow and by generations well into the future.