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Suzannah Gusukuma

Studio No. 14
(Link to map)

5485 Northwest Drive

Bellingham 98226

Contact me by visiting any of the links below





Pandemic Notes: TBD

Medium Woodworking

Demo Yes

Wheelchair Accessible Yes



It all started with an idea of making unique wall paneling for my

entryway. The creation of these panels captured my imagination

and from there the ideas for fashionable, and practical, applications started flowing. I use high voltage electricity, wood panels, reclaimed leather, and fabric to create wearable art and home goods. After running 4000 volts of electricity through the wood, I make unique handmade purses, upcycled vintage handbags, wine & champagne gift boxes, 4 & 6-pack beverage carriers, mirrors, sketch pads, journals, cheese sets and charcuterie boards. Each demonstrates that following the path of least resistance can often be beautiful and unique, as the path the electricity takes will never be the same twice. Making items that can be used and enjoyed daily is essential to my work.

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