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Greg Klassen

Greg Klassen

Studio No. X

East Pole Road

1716 East Pole Road, Everson, WA 98247, USA

Visit the links below to learn more about the artist:

360 305 5070





Wheelchair Accessible:


I was raised on a peach farm, surrounded by trees. We enjoyed the fruit of the trees but when the trees passed their prime, they were burned. Later in life after studying theology and then finding my greatest joy was in creating, I realized that I was meant to work with trees but in a very different way.

Now many years later, I salvage local hardwood trees and bring them into my hand-crafted art and furniture designs. My current work is inspired by water - rivers, lakes and even our local San Juan Islands archipelago. I often retain the live edges of the tree in my work and look to give my pieces a feeling of movement through the use of negative space and carefully cut and inlaid glass that gives the feel of water. Each piece I create is only made once; no design is replicated. This is best seen in my very own original design, the often-imitated River Table.

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