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2024 Artists by Studio

How do I use the map?

Click on each marker to access the artist's information.


Mobile users use 2 fingers to move map around. Zoom in to the location you're visiting for better viewing.

Some artists share studios
PLEASE NOTE: 2024 studio numbers are currently being assigned)

There are multiple listings at that studio marker location. Look for the arrows on the bottom right corner of the information box to scroll to the additional artists' information.

  • Studio X Don Anderson & Suzanne Averre

  • Studio No. X Rachel Simpson and Suzannah Gusukuma

  • Studio X Artists at the Waterfront Artist Collective Frankie Dammann, Frank Frazee & Karen Theusen

  • Studio X at Morgan Block Studios, Nancy Canyon, Ron Pattern, & Marijo Martini

  • Studio X Chris Moench, Kasey Potzler, and Sierra James

All Studio Numbers on artist pages are live links to their address in Google maps. 

Stone Road

Printable maps from the 2023 brochure (2024 TO COME)

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