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Rachel Simpson

Rachel Simpson

Studio No. X

East Holly Street

314 East Holly Street suite 201, Bellingham, WA 98225, USA

Visit the links below to learn more about the artist:

360 244 8828


Mixed Media



Wheelchair Accessible:


Nature, winged animals, outer space, and marine-life are all a part of Rachel Simpson’s inspiration for painting mixed media on canvas, wood, & archival paper. There’s bioluminescent in nature and shown in the artwork. She’s captured the essence of the glowing and colorful animals in nature, which closely resembles them in their natural form. It’s achieved by using ultra-violet light reactive paints, inks, handmade metallic paints, acrylics, onto black background, wood panels, jewelry, or mixed media on canvas. The vivid colors are visible without use of the UV light, but they’re much brighter when used. Enjoy the wild and wonder of her whimsical art.

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