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Tom Ferry

Tom Ferry

Studio No. 2

Iverson Ln

2971 Iverson Ln, Custer, WA 98240, USA

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Wheelchair Accessible:


Tom Ferry has engaged in various occupations that have grown into a larger skillset and perspective that is apparent in his art today.Tom presents his unique perception of the world with a touch of magic. It is a reality filled with energy, emotion, wonder, and bubbles. Painting has become his journal and his craft, a place of
solitude and focus, small suggestions and authentic interpretations.

He enjoys using acrylic pours for his backgrounds, allowing him to follow the path presented in the pour and interpret the canvas through his own personal context. Inspirations are generally nature.

Tom’s frames are an extension of the painting, resulting in a rich and unique piece of art that creatively illuminates the universe. Sculpture and lampwork are also part of his repertoire and a steel gabion unicorn roams the grounds around the studio.

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