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Don Anderson with Suzanne Averre

Don Anderson with Suzanne Averre

Studio No. X

Goodwin Rd

6980 Goodwin Rd, Everson, WA 98247, USA

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Wheelchair Accessible:


As a communicator and observer of life around me in this time, I "vocalize" my thoughts of nature and contemporary issues in the spiritual and visual abstract expressions of my sculpture. My hope is that my work will help to inspire thought, inclusivity and positive feeling in a challenging world.

My primary medium is welded metal - usually Stainless Steel and treated copper. With the exception of some whimsical "cutouts" and my "Kanjis" and "Kanji Urns", my sculptural forms of all sizes are hand drawn or painted directly on metal, then cut, fabricated, TIG welded, highly polished, and all-weather treated.

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