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Gallery shows for 2024! Keep checking back and watch your e-mails for updates. Be sure to scroll all the way through for information on each show. You can also visit our Google Calendar and see events as they are posted. 

NOTE: Some gallery show dates overlap. You'll need enough inventory for several galleries if you choose to participate in these shows (plus inventory for your tour guests).

Pick up and drop off dates will be announced as information becomes available.

Some of the venues are expanding our shows in 2024. They were very happy with the sales and attendance of our group shows last year. This is a great opportunity to expand our visibility in a growing community! Artist participation in the shows was 40–50% for each show last year. The gallery shows are a wonderful opportunity for all WAST artists. We strongly encourage you to submit artwork for all of these shows.

Our first group show of 2024 is coming up soon! Here are the details


May 1 – June 3, 2024

Chuckanut Bay Gallery & Sculpture Garden

320 Chuckanut Dr. North

Bellingham, WA 98229     attn: Jill


  • Every WAST artist may submit work to be in the show, no jurying needed. 

  • Submit up to 3-4 pieces, space permitting, they will exhibit as much of your work as possible.

  • Chuckanut Gallery will be installing the show this year.

  • Commission on artwork sold through gallery this year is 50%



Artwork drop off

You must have an artist consignment form (get it here)Be sure to bring business cards that will be available throughout the show. It's another way for fans and prospective buyers of your work to get your contact info.

      • No volunteers needed for drop off since the gallery is handling it.

      • Be sure to fill out the consignment form and bring it to drop off with your work (see above)

      • 4/26/24 - 10am-5pm

      • 4/27/24 - 10am-5pm

      • 4/28/24 - 11am-5pm

Show open to public (soft opening)

      • 5/1/24 - Gallery hours: 10am-5pm

Chuckanut Open House / WAST group show OFFICIAL OPENING!

      • 5/4/24 (Saturday) 10am-5pm



to welcome visitors. The feedback from last year was that visitors and the gallery were happy to have a number of artists there to chat about the tour and their own work. Even just an hour or two would be great. As it gets closer just contact me as to what times you would be able to help out this way we can be sure 10am-5pm is covered.

Artwork Pick Up Be sure to pick up your business cards when you pick up your artwork.

      • No volunteers needed for pick up since the gallery is handling it.

      • 6/4/24 - 10am-5pm

      • 6/5/24 - 10am-5pm

      • 6/6/24 - 10am-5pm

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