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More Gallery shows for 2023! Keep checking back and watch your e-mails for updates. Be sure to scroll all the way through for information on each show. 

NOTE: Some gallery show dates overlap. You'll need enough inventory for several galleries if you choose to participate in these shows (plus inventory for your tour guests).

Pick up and drop off dates will be announced as information becomes available.

Some of the venues are expanding our shows in 2023. They were very happy with the sales and attendance of our group shows last year. This is a great opportunity to expand our visibility in a growing community! Artist participation in the shows was 40–50% for each show last year. The gallery shows are a wonderful opportunity for all WAST artists. We strongly encourage you to submit artwork for all of these shows.

Chuckanut Gallery

May 1 – 31, 2023

Artwork Drop Off

  • Thursday April 27 – Sunday April 30
    During gallery hours Mon-Sat.10am–5:30pm, Sunday 11am–5pm

  • Artwork Drop off can be done during gallery hours. ALL artwork must be delivered to the gallery by April 30 at 12:00. We will start hanging the show on Sunday April 30.


  • Soft Opening will be Tuesday May 2. Official opening reception will coincide with their annual open house on Saturday May 6, 10am–5:30pm. It would be good to have artists spread out their time at the show so there can be artists available throughout the day for  "meet and greet".

Misc. info

  • Sales commission for the group show is 40%

  • WAST group show, the gallery want the WAST group show to be an annual event for them.

  • WAST group show committee will be hanging the show Jill will be assisting too.

  • Refreshments-Jill is checking on and handling this and will get back to me on details.

  • 5"x7" bio needs to be provided by each artist submitting work into the show. Bio will be hung by their work. This will help the gallery sell our work to visitors.

  • We are working out a postcard/promo for Chuckanut to provide for the show. I will show them what Jansen has done for us and we can work that out. Jill is getting a handle on all this and is open to our input.

  • The gallery has some pedestals but artists are encouraged to provide their own pedestals if they need and have them. Same with locked cases for jewelry. Jill said they have one they can show us but it had a rustic look to it.

  • They have tables to display smaller pieces, these vary in size and height, you can see them in the videos attached of the gallery space.

  • There is plenty of room to display a variety of different 3D pieces.

Gallery Sales

  • Jill said they get quite a few out of town visitors who purchase work. She would like the pieces that sell to be taken by the purchaser and the artist have the opportunity to submit another piece of similar size that can be put into the show. I think that would be a good opportunity for the artist. If they choose not to replace it we can shift work around if need be.

  • I informed her of our sandwich board she can use while the show is up and of the history posters we will have hung too.

Artwork Pick Up

  • Wednesday May 31, during gallery hours 10am–5:30pm

  • All artwork MUST be picked up that day. The gallery does not have storage available. If you cannot pick up your piece, make other arrangements with the gallery or have someone pick it up for you.

Jansen Art Center

July, 2023 – October, 2023 (final dates to come)

  • Show expanded to incorporate most of the second floor. They want to have more area for 3D work. They have also added more track lights in the piano room and the library across the hall.

  • WAST hangs the show

More information will be posted as we get closer to the show date 

Allied Arts of Whatcom County

September 1–30, 2023

  • Artwork drop off is 8/29, show opens 9/1, show ends 9/30

  • Allied Arts will hang the show

More information will be posted as we get closer to the show date 

Whatcom Museum

October 1–31, 2023

Show will be open for October First Friday. We will be in the larger gallery #5 this year so they can show more WAST artists' work this year.


The Museum wants to approve submissions. Dates and details to come

Will need two volunteers to be at the Museum for the First Friday event as greeters for the WAST show.


Museum hangs the show

More information will be posted as we get closer to the show date 

Dakota Arts

October 1–31, 2023

Show will be open for October First Friday (this is longer than the show was up last year) Details of drop off and pick up, etc will come at a later date.

WAST members hang the show.

More information will be posted as we get closer to the show date 

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